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We are a nonprofit organization that holds financial responsibility as a core value. Our commitment to the prudent stewardship of every dollar we receive has enabled us to assure donors that 90-100% of all donations go directly to providing quality services; which is truly remarkable in comparison to other nonprofits. Our services would not be possible without support from our community stakeholders like you. We thank you for your partnership in fulfilling our mission.



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Barbara Maizie devoted her life to improving the lives of the people we serve, and her lasting impact still resonates throughout our community. We are excited for the opportunity to memorialize her legacy through the development of an annual scholarship award given in honor of her commitment to our mission. We are still in the development phase, and look forward to an expected official launch in 2023.
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for Good

Network for Good is our donor management solution partner. The system enables us to facilitate specific fundraising campaigns, so you can control exactly how you want your donation to support our mission. Each donor is given a unique account that simplifies the donation process and gives easy access to donation records, which takes some of the headache out of tax time! We encourage you to explore our Network for Good site and the many ways you can make a difference.

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